Protect kids from Big Tobacco's candy-flavored deception

Stand with California

Californians chose to protect kids with a bipartisan, landmark law to end the sale of candy-flavored tobacco and minty-menthol cigarettes. Now, Big Tobacco is using lies and deceit to put our kids at risk. Again.

Here's the truth: Big Tobacco just spent millions to delay this law, and now they want to stop it permanently. As they keep raking in the cash, tens of thousands more kids will become addicted.

Now, a coalition of public health groups, parents, community leaders, and voters like YOU are standing up to Big Tobacco and keeping kids from being lured into a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

Get the Facts

Youth e-cigarette use has grown at such an alarming rate that the Surgeon General and the FDA have labeled it an "epidemic." 81% of kids who have used tobacco started with a flavored product. There are now over 15,500 e-cigarette flavors and 200 cigar flavors.

The tobacco industry has been preying on underserved African American and Latino communities for years, leading to Black Americans dying from heart disease, lung cancer, stroke and other tobacco-related diseases at rates far higher than whites.

Leaders Across California Support Ending the Sale of Flavored Tobacco Products

Governor Gavin Newsom

Last year, I was proud to sign SB 793, a bipartisan effort that eliminates flavored e-cigarettes, including the candy flavors and minty menthol cigarettes that lure our kids. Big Tobacco will spend millions to overturn that law, which is why we must stay vigilant in continuing the work on important tobacco prevention and cessation here in California.

Representative Karen Bass (D-CA)

There is nothing "minty" or "refreshing" about the cycle of addiction, profit and death Big Tobacco has wrought by pushing their poison in our communities.

Malia Cohen, Member, Board of Equalization, 2nd District

In this battle between California and Big Tobacco over the lives and health of our kids, nothing is more important than the truth: tobacco companies use candy flavors to hook kids on nicotine.

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